Five tips to connect virtually with grandchildren


When times are uncertain, we've always gone back to the basics including being with family.  While everyone can get sick, seniors are especially vulnerable.  If you don't live with your grand children, avoid getting together in person for now.

Tips to stay in touch:

  1. Use Texts You may try telephone calls and text messaging.  You may have better luck reaching the younger generations by sending a text.  Even though it may take you five times as long to send a simple text as it would to talk on the phone, the younger generation would rather communicate via text messaging.
  2. Less is more. When sending texts, less is more.  Instead of using complete sentences, try using two, three or four word phrases.  "wow", "nice", "You bet",  "Love you", "miss you lots".
  3. State the obvious first. If you are feeling fine, start your first of the day texts with that information:  "Feeling good today.  Hope you. do too.  Wanted to say Love You".
  4. Make it interesting to them.  Kids love and  Watch a few videos. When you see something funny or interesting, share it.  Don't spend a lot of time describing it.  Just say, "really funny" (and add the link)
  5. Video is fun. Use Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime to get together with video.  Here's a good article:  Zoom, Skype, FaceTime: 11 tips for your video chat apps