Six tips for seniors getting groceries delivered during these trying times

Grocery Delivery

During these times, it is important to have ready access to food from the grocery store. Some stores will allow seniors to shop early in the day without having to contend with younger shoppers.  It can feel intimidating to have younger shoppers rushing around and making you feel you are in the way.  It can also be a little worrisome that you may be putting yourself at risk because someone else may be ill and not even know it yet or not care.

There are several ways to get the food you need without leaving your home.

  1. Talk to your family or friends.  Maybe they could pick up groceries at the same time they are shopping for themselves.
  2. Ask your church or other social clubs.  Many times, groups that include seniors will already have thought about this need and have suggestions how to meet your needs.
  3. Investigate delivery services.  In each area, there may be several delivery services available.
    • Ask the grocery store for delivery.  Some grocery stores have food delivery as an option.  Look at their website.  If you are in the store, talk to the cashier or customer service.  They should be able to tell you what options are available.
    • Instacart - You enter your shopping list and a person will pick them up.  If an item is unavailable, they will suggest an alternative, which you can accept or deny.
    • AmazonFresh - Amazon now owns Whole Foods and has access to some of the freshest fruits and vegetables.
    • Others - Here's a good article listing several more. click here
  4. Tipping.  Please remember to give a good tip.
  5. No Contact Delivery.  In the past, these delivery services would actually put your groceries inside your home.  You may want to consider having them dropped off in the garage or outside your front door.  You are the best judge if you should have the delivery put in your home right away.  If it is difficult for you to move the groceries because of their weight or bulk, you might want to consider having them put inside.
  6. Wipe down the packaging.  Once you get your groceries, remember to wipe down the packaging with disinfection wipes or at least soap and water.