Remembering Memorial Day

American Flag

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Memorial Day 2020 occurs on Monday, May 25.

Was it always a day?

Originally Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day, meant to honor the Union and the Confederate soldiers who died during the American Civil War. By the 1900s it had become a day to celebrate all American soldiers who died while serving in the military. It wasn’t until 1967 that it was legally named Memorial Day.

Five Things not to do on Memorial Day


  • Don’t wish anyone a “Happy Memorial Day” This is not Christmas – Memorial Day was not founded in joy with the promise of brining glee each year. …
  • Don’t thank the current troops. …
  • Don’t disregard its importance. …
  • Don’t forget it exists. …
  • Don’t let politics keep you from rendering respect.

Take a moment

Over the Memorial Day weekend, take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who came before us. As we are sheltering in our homes right now, it can be easy to be too focused on daily life.  We know from our own life experiences that appreciating selfless acts of others can be greatly inspiring in our own lives. Then … inspire others to do the same. Talk to the kids and grand kids.  Pass on the best of your values to the next generations.

Resist the urge to leave your home

Spring is here!

spring dandelion

It is normal to want to go outside and enjoy the spring weather.  After winter, we are all looking forward to walking in the parks, seeing the leaves come out and watching the flowers start to grow.  And now, the government is telling us that we can slowly start to leave our homes.

Continue to stay home

multiple houses

At the moment, there is still no vaccine.  You need to consider if you are in one of the high risk groups, which includes being 60 years or older.  Even though others may be able to enjoy resuming their normal lives, you must consider if that is best for you.  Remember the old chestnut: If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?  Sometime in the future, it will be safe to go out again … maybe soon.  Make sure you know when that is.

Be strong and do you what’s best for you.

Five tips for seniors to keep mind active

As Seniors get older, there are some actions that you can take to help preserve mental abilities.  Mostly, it’s common sense.  While you cannot control everything, it is important that you put yourself in the best situation possible to keep a sharp and active mind.

Use it or lose it

reading and active

  • Read
  • Lean something new
  • Complete puzzles
  • Learn a new language
  • Start painting or coloring (yes, coloring books for adults are becoming very popular)





Get enough sleep

doggie sleeping

  • Try going to bed at the same time
  • Create an environment that promotes sleep
  • Don’t look at computer or phone screens before bed
  • Turn off the TV or radio






Get Exercise

couple walking

  • Exercise two or three times per week (get medical advice before starting any program)
  • Do not exercise too close to bed time
  • Do an activity you enjoy
  • Do it with a friend





Eat Healthy

healthy salad

  • Eat healthy foods
  • maintain a good weight
  • Reduce fatty foods





Stay socially connected

giraffes social

  • Join clubs
  • Eat meals with others
  • Talk or Text family and friends
  • Keep making new friends