With a little help from family and friends
With a little help from family & friends

This service is designed to help seniors live independently with a little help from family and friends. Independent but safe. Our daily check-in service reduces stress on family and friends by contacting them only when something appears to be wrong. Try it for seven days for free!!

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For just $7.98 per month, our service will perform a daily check-in service by telephone

Many of our customers are seniors who live independently but want the added piece of mind that a family member or friend will be notified if something appears to be wrong.

You choose the how many days a week to use this senior check-in service. You choose the time of the call. You can easily set the system on pause for periods when you are on vacation or staying away from home.

No setup charges. No hidden fees. No long term contracts. No sales person will call. We will not attempt to sell additional services or charge you more. All for the very low price of $7.98 per month.

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How does it work?

1: We will call you on the days and time you set
2: When you answer, press #1 to indicate you are ok
3: If you do not answer and press #1, we will try again every five minutes (up to 5 times)
4: If you do not acknowledge you are ok, we will contact your designated loved ones
* You can pause the service if you plan to be away on vacation or family is visiting
* You can also indicated you are ok prior to the call by clicking the "I am OK" button

Setup in minutes consisting of three easy steps

Step 1: Sign In or New User. Fill out a short registration form.
Step 2: Pay. Sign-up for automatic payments. (free trial week!)
Step 3: Schedule Call. Setup who and when to call.


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